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Praise for “EMBRACING GREATNESS: A Guide for Living the Life You Love”


As a business owner who left corporate life to start my own business, I was inspired by Sophia’s message to never give up, never stop moving ahead a step at a time. One passage in Embracing Greatness that stood out to me from the book was when Sophia’s dad, after telling her she could not go to college because of money, arrived home one evening and told her it was okay. This was a major change in her life. She did not question why he changed his mind. She did not hesitate. She signed up for college and began the next phase of her life. Sometimes it is not for us to question why, but for us to take advantage of opportunities. I live that every day in the coffee shop – why are some days slow and challenging and some days busy with a steady stream of customers in and out all day? Take advantage of the busy days and open your mind on the slow days.

Deborah Armstrong
Small Business Owner

An invaluable resource for anyone…

Embracing Greatness is an exciting adventure for anyone who wants to discover and cast aside long-held barriers to personal success. Sophia Falke gives the reader practical tools designed to turn personal dreams into reality. I heartily recommend it as an invaluable resource for anyone determined to manifest their birthright to greatness.

Kathleen Quinlan, MSW, LCSW
Author/Producer of The Land of Love

Fun, readable and totally applicable…

Sophia Falke has nailed it! In her own inimitable way Sophia helps you discover the beauty and purpose in your uniqueness, what you and YOU ALONE bring to and for the earth. It is fun, readable and totally applicable for all of us. Please read this book!

Mike Rayburn, CSP, CPAE
Hall of Fame Keynote Artist

This personal-growth handbook is a true gem!

Embracing Greatness is like taking a walk on a warm spring day with a much respected mentor while getting the pep-talk of a lifetime. Filled with inspiration, doable exercises, and heart-warming stories of real people making tremendous positive changes, this personal-growth handbook is a true gem!

Cate Montana, MA
Author of The E Word: Ego, Enlightenment

You will thank yourself for reading this book…

If you’re ready to live the life you would love, and willing to take the life-empowering steps toward your dream, then Embracing Greatness: A Guide for Living the Life You Love is for you. You will forever thank yourself for reading and applying this wonderful book.

Mary Morrissey
International Speaker, Best-Selling Author

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